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Intimacy 101

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Intimacy 101™️ is discovery. Empowerment. Vulnerability. Digging deep and uncovering a piece of yourself, you might not have known otherwise. Many of us rarely get the chance to move towards these places within. Give yourself the gift of presence and community.

What is Intimacy 101™️?

An 8-week LIVE Online Group Course dedicated to covering key concepts around intimacy (including trust, communication, curiosity & play) and creating a supportive, open, encouraging community to help you find courage in transforming your experience and practices of true intimacy.

What’s included in the 8-weeks?

  • (2) 30min 1:1 coaching calls (to get clear on challenges & experience specific breakthroughs)

  • (8) 60min Group calls -1 per week- to learn & practice intimacy aspects

  • Access to online chat with each other and weekly challenges to keep you on track

  • Direct email & text access while the program is running

Who is Intimacy 101™️ for?

This is for you if:

  • You have trouble saying the word Intimacy

  • You value strong, balanced relationships

  • You want to feel connected and appreciated by those around you

  • You want to have a sense of ease floating through conversations and interactions with friends

  • You want to feel comfortable connecting with ANY family member(s) -especially the ones you might not see eye to eye with

  • You crave a community that is open & supportive in your journey of transformation

This is NOT for you if:

  • You view intimacy as sexual connection, only

  • You aren't willing to be accountable for your feelings and/or actions towards another person

  • You don't desire to dive deeper into your own self-connection while exploring different emotions

  • You don't wish to explore what your true definition of intimacy is

  • You don't feel it necessary to take time to connect, breathe, and feel energized in creating intimate relationships you desire


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