Live Guided Meditation


Live Guided Meditation

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Meditation is scientifically proven to change and improve the brain, as well as calm the mind. (Check out the study here!)

Mindfulness can also increase focus, productivity and lower stress. As well as, it just feeling good!

There can be misconceptions and when starting out it can be hard to focus on your own. However, it IS possible.

If you’re new to the practice or are looking for help intentionally moving through a challenge, a guided session is wonderful for letting someone else lead the flow.

You have all that you need inside you, so this guided meditation session will help you access it in a deeper way - through gentle prompting, potential visualization techniques, and breath cues.

Experience the incredible benefits of meditation first hand by scheduling your session. You might even be inspired to a devotional daily practice!

I got you, it’s ok to take the leap 🙏