Intimacy Seekers Crew


Intimacy Seekers Crew

27.99 every month 34.99 every month

If you are ready to dip your toes in the shallow end of what it means to experience more intimacy in your life, this is perfect for you!

The Intimacy Seekers Crew monthly subscription gives you insider access to Intimacy Alive Founder, Abby Spindelman, and the community committed to exploring and experiencing deep intimacy.

Be prepared to reach new levels of trust, appreciation, connection, and presence in all types of relationships!

As a subscriber you will get

  • (2) monthly 60min group calls ALL ABOUT INTIMACY

    • The first Sunday and third Wednesday of every month. Sunday calls will be educational to give a topic/focus for the month. In that call I’ll also provide some exercises to practice throughout the month. Wednesday calls will be live coaching from me, for you to share ask questions, share successes, and honor challenges. All calls will be on Zoom video

  • Access to me via email 24/7

  • Weekly “office hours” support in a private FB group - a safe space for vulnerability, encouragement and support.

  • Optional monthly reading recommendations

  • Optional add-on 1:1 coaching sessions at an extra cost whenever needed

  • Special events offers just for subscribers

The subscription service auto-renews every month and you can stop at any time. You can also start back up at any time after you decide to start.

The Intimacy Seekers Crew is designed to ignite new levels of conversation around emotional, physical, and spiritual intimacy while strengthening ALL of our ability to have deeply fulfilling intimate relationships.

Intimacy starts with you, so get comfy being yourself in a space meant for exploration!