Blessings. Gifts. Honors. Acknowledgment. It’s easy to be thankful for those things, right? When things are ‘good’ it’s so easy to feel grateful. What about challenges, disease, anger, bigotry, loss? Can you be thankful for the things in your life, or in the universe, that aren’t so pleasant?

This year has been a trying year for a lot of people. 2016 has had so much mixed energy - with the election, planets going retrograde in the cosmos, the numerology perspective of a 9-universal year signifying endings and culminations, natural disasters, etc. We’re ALL being asked to look at our ‘stuff’ up close and personal and to really let go of what’s no longer working for us in order to step up and move forward in a path of of love. We’re being asked to re-examine our values and stay strong in what serves the greater good.

I’ve been quiet the last few weeks because of travel, attending a business conference that showed me where I need to grow, and processed the surprising outcome of the US election. I turned inward and examined my reactions to situations in my life. I began to really dig deep and see if I could find gratitude for all the ‘wrongs’ in my life. One of the hardest beliefs to move through was the belief that we’d rather have a bigoted, misogynistic male figure in the highest office of our country than an imperfect woman - as a country, we still believe it’s ok for men to be imperfect, but not women. I know there are many more people that are afraid for their families, their lives, and their religious identities. We cannot give into the fear, no matter the situation.

I am grateful for this election because it makes my work - to cultivate honest, vulnerable conversations with ourselves and others - that much more relevant and ignites the fire to keep me going. I want to be in a world where women AND men can show up as their imperfect, whole selves and have it be acceptable because it highlights the humanity in all of us. It’s not about downplaying or diminishing the situation, but rather about showing how powerful acceptance, love and vulnerability is. It isn’t about winning or losing, it’s about uplifting all.

I share this, not to be on a political soap box, but to show even in the most challenging experiences, there’s ALWAYS something to be grateful for. There’s ALWAYS a place to learn and grow. There’s ALWAYS a benefit to gain in a bad situation. Difficult situations often bring to your attention things you haven’t been willing to look at; things you’ve maybe been ignoring.


Where are you struggling to find gratitude? Who are you pushing away because they trigger you? What is the light in a dark situation you’re going through?



If you’ve read this far, I am grateful for you. You are a blessing in my life - Thank You. Email me here to receive a special note of gratitude.

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