To my Passionate Life Partner,

I will wait until we are hand in hand

Walking the same path

On OUR journey -

Inspired together by love, life and the

Magic of our souls.

Until then I promise to live fully

Loving myself more each day

So you may recognize the flame in my heart

when you are ready

To face the fear of being seen fully

And cleansed of our restraints.

For we are here to share desires

And secrets and PLAY -

To shed the falsities of being

unworthy of beautiful, expansive,

unconditional love.

When we’re ready to laugh

At the absurdity of setting goals

And getting caught up in doing rather than being.

When time happens to us

And becomes infinite FOR us together.

For when we meet, we’ll understand

We’ve only ever been holding space

In our hearts for each other through lifetimes.

For only then will we truly feel free in

The truth of who we are,

The importance of connection,

And being alive in the present moment.

Until then.

In awe,

Your beloved

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