Thrive Through the Holidaze LIVE Online Course

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Thrive Through the Holidaze LIVE Online Course


This online program is for you if you want to:

  • Feel comfortable connecting with ANY family member(s) -especially the ones you might not see eye to eye with
  • Have a sense of ease floating through the logistics of planning and executing dinners, parties, the perfect gifts, etc
  • Be your whole/authentic self around family without feeling judged (and even if someone judges you being able to not take it to heart)
  • Get back to the basis of the holidays -> connection and celebration.
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By signing up, you'll receive:

  • Weekly group video coaching calls to discuss that week's topic
  • Two 1:1 coaching calls with me where we'll get crystal clear on YOUR specific action steps to create more connection and ease during the holidays
  • Unlimited access to the Thrive Through the Holidaze Secret FB Group where you can ask me ANY questions about course material, how you're feeling, or how to handle that call you just got from your family member changing up the holiday plans

Total investment for the Thrive Through the Holidaze 6-week course is $1,800 USD (Paid in Full).

Payment plan option is available upon request. Schedule a call with me and confirm your spot here:

In the group calls and in the FB Group, this is what will be covered each week:

Week 1/Nov 20: Curiosity (&trust)

  • Get present with and explore the challenges that face you during this time (uncover patterns and deep beliefs that resurface to finally release them)

  • Discussion and practice with intentions behind how you engage with family members (are you demanding/controlling or open to get to know a different side of them)

Week 2/Nov 27: Gratitude

  • What does it mean to accept and forgive yourself and family? 
  • Experience the power of giving thanks and appreciation

Week 3/Dec 4: Communication

  • Become aware of and strengthen your ability to express your emotions and needs clearly, directly and with connection as the focus
  • Learn to be open to others for support during the holidays and use your language in a way that empowers them to take more ownership

Week 4/Dec 11: Vulnerability

  • Dive deeper and have more fun with your connection to YOU and open to explore more emotions
  • Experience more aliveness and fluidity

Week 5/Dec 18: Compassion

  • Learn tips and tricks to cultivate more peace and ease when the pressure is on
  • Incorporate and double down on positive-self talk

Week 6/Dec 25: Celebration & Renewal

  • Revel and rejoice in the journey you just took
  • Time to relax, release, connect, breathe, and feel rejuvenated