Happy Valentine's Day!! I hope you're celebrating with your lover, friends and family in ways that are fun and relaxing. I know many of you may feel bummed or "anti-valentine" this year because you're single or maybe you're fighting with your partner at the moment. Well, today's post is to help you see how much love you already have in your life and to give you permission to celebrate it more often than once a year! 

Since Valentine’s Day is a holiday where we all consciously pay attention to love, however, I want to share something with you that is meaningful in my life. The more we can all show gratitude and love to ourselves and others, the more we can see where it shows up for us in so many ways. I want to invite you to focus on all the people that are already communicating to you how much they love you. Also, to see where and how you’re loving yourself. When you can see how much love you give and receive regularly, it creates space, and relieves pressure, for a true romantic partner to show up. You stop wanting someone to show up in a certain way and can accept them for what they will bring to your life in a different way.

So, what am I sharing with you? Well, have you ever noticed that certain friends give amazing, thoughtful gifts? Maybe you have a friend that jumps at the chance to run an errand for you when you are too busy? What about your aunt or uncle that gives warm hugs or puts their arm around you to comfort you? What about when you tell someone how much they mean to you? These are examples of the Five Love Languages that dominate our communication around how we show and receive love. We all use all five, but we each have a preferred style.

Gary Chapman has written about the Five Love Languages and created a quiz for you to find out what yours is here. Check it out, share it with others, and let me know what your style is in the comments below!

Also, in honor of Valentines Day and gift giving, if you guess my Love Language correctly, and send it to me through a message on the Contact page, you'll receive a free 1-hr session with me (valued at $175) to learn more about how you can have more Desire and Play in your life. 


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