Just like your body craves nutrients - like when you're craving pickles or tomatoes or steak - your emotions can create cravings for what you're lacking. That comes in the form of wanting different types of personal connection.

If your body craves exercise because you know you're not being a healthy eater or you need to clear your mind, the longer you go without listening the harder it is to get back into your routine or to get in shape. Your emotional health can be the same way.

Your craving can show up as wanting comfort, so you reach out to your parents or a close family member. Sometimes you can crave excitement, so you hang out with a friend that is always doing something new and wild. Or, maybe you crave physical closeness so you think of who gives the best hugs and get together with them.

So, why is it important to listen to those cravings? Just like your body's natural ability to regulate itself back to a balanced system, your emotions are a gauge to let you know when you're out of whack. When you're not listening to your emotions you may feel anxiety, frustration or sadness because you're not getting what you need. It might make you impulsive and guide you to making decisions that aren't aligned with what's healthy for you. Just like reaching for that sugar filled cookie feels good, sometimes, your impulsive desire to connect can lead you to making a negative choice.

So, how do you start listening to those emotions and getting the connections you need? First, you need to tap into what those feelings are trying to tell you. Take a few deep breaths and ask yourself why you're feeling this way. Are you stressed, or lonely, do you feel unheard? Whatever comes up for you is ok. You are hearing exactly what you need to.

Now, feel how you can be more gentle with yourself, or expand the feeling of being alone without being lonely. Can you take a bath to relax or can you do something yourself that you've been waiting for a friend to take you up on? Just saying to yourself that you feel heard, by listening to your inner most desire, can ease that tension from others. Remember that your relationship with YOU fills you up. When you are loving and connected to yourself and fulfilling your own cravings, your relationships with others will be an added bonus and come with more ease giving you exactly what you crave.


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